/ A platform for transatlantic cultural exchanges /

Cabo Verde

Cabo Verdean history is closely linked to the transatlantic slave trade. Sitting at the axis of three continents, Cabo Verde is committed to being at the forefront of positive exchanges; a central point for spreading the vision of creolization - at the heart of the Cabo Verdean identity; and to keeping peace in the region.

Cabo Verde and music

The archipelago and its music are intrinsically tied to one another. The birthplace of morna, funaná and batuque, Cabo Verde has forged a strong musical identity that reflects the cultural diversity of the region.

Atlantic Music Expo

The center of the capital, Praia, is the home of AME.
Facilitating exchange lies at the heart of the event, with conferences, networking meetings, a professional market and showcases providing the perfect setting for international music professionals, artists from Cabo Verde and abroad to network, expand their contacts and activities, and discover the country. Atlantic Music Expo is scheduled right before Kriol Jazz Festival - extend your stay in Praia and enjoy acts and artists from across the musical spectrum at both events.

 AME is an opportunity for the development of music, not only in Cabo Verde but for the whole continent. 

Mamou Daffé (Mali), Festival sur le Niger & Chairman Arterial Network

Over four editions, AME has become a powerful think tank around topics such as creolization, the role of culture in development, advocacy for the African music sector, reinforcing transatlantic music exchanges, and more. The 2016 edition drew over 520 happy delegates from 37 countries to Praia.

/ Our dates /

  • 30 October 2016
  • Deadline for international showcase & conference applications
  • 30 December 2016
  • Deadline for Caboverdean showcase applications
  • 10-13 April 2017
  • AME 2017
  • 13, 14 & 15 April 2017
  • Kriol Jazz Festival

Welcome to Cabo Verde, the country of Music

A 5th edition with new challenges

Cabo Verde was born in the world as the Atlantic heart, as the gathering of a culture of mixtures, of trends, of sounds and rhythms, of new geographies and privileged links between heritages from a world in the past and the future we want to build.

The Cabo Verdean people has been, over the course of time, an example of resilience and determination in its endless search for insertion in the world via its culture and, especially via its music.

Therefore, the Atlantic Music Expo (AME) has for the last years been an important gate for Cabo Verde's internationalization and for its musical culture. A market of fusion, of sharing and internationalization of the trademark: “Cabo Verde, the country of Music”.

The new Government of Cabo Verde, through the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries, conceived the 2017 edition in order to reinforce the entrepreneurial side of AME, focused on business, knowledge, networking, sharing and discovering new talents in Cabo Verdean and world music.

As the Minister, I would like to welcome all the musicians, producers, artists, interpreters, composers and all those in love with Cabo Verde and worldwide music. Through music we love and through AME we share this love with the world.

Welcome to Cabo Verde!

Abraão Vicente,
Minister of Culture and Creative Industries



Past Editions

Initiated by the Minister of Culture, produced by Harmonia and WOMEX, AME has, over four editions, become the go-to event for transatlantic networking, exchanges, insight and music, bringing together professionals, artists and more from Cabo Verde, Africa, the Americas and beyond.


AME's close-knit community grows with each edition and is made up of engaged music professionals and artists from across the world. The lively atmosphere has provided the right platform for networks to form, musicians to seek advice about furthering their careers and artistic opportunities to come to the fore.


The 2016 edition of AME was our biggest yet with 520 delegates from 37 countries descending upon the capital Praia.

Key highlights
> expansion of the showcase artist selection, with 32 acts from 15 countries performing.
> a spirited, in-depth discussion on the DIY movement and the connection between music and peace
> presentation of the AME passport

Long live AME!

Carlos Seixas (Portugal), FMM Sines

I love the spirit of this conference and support its mission to foster positive exchanges across the Atlantic through music.

Jamilla Deria (USA), Apollo Theater NYC

The different formats proposed by AME in terms of programming are well suited to the global demands of programmers.

Luc Mayitoukou (Congo/Senegal), Zhu Culture

I felt truly blessed and honoured to be able to participate in the conference in so many capacities. I learned a lot from my colleagues, was inspired by all the artists performances and expanded my network in a meaningful way.

Paula Abreu (Brazil/USA), SummerStage