The Atlantic, our cradle

Our archipelago is located in the Atlantic Ocean at the cross-road of three continents (Africa, Europe and Americas), 500 km off the west coast of Africa, close to Senegal.

10 tropical islands

(including one uninhabited!)

AME is held in Praia on Santiago island, which besides being the biggest and most populated is also known as the most African of our islands.


Portuguese is used in official situations but in everyday usage we speak our own creole, one of the oldest versions of creole in the world.


500.000 Cabo Verdeans live on the islands, and about one million live outside. Almost 80% adhere to Roman Catholic beliefs.

How to get here?

From Paris: flights once a week to Praia, once to São Vicente island

From Lisbon: flights every day (TAP), once a week to São Vicente

From Amsterdam: to Sal, São Vicente, Boavista island (Transavia)

From Fortaleza: flights once a week

From Boston: flights once a week

From Dakar: flights every day

From Casablanca: 2 flights a week (Royal Air Maroc)


» Transavia
» Royal Air Maroc


The Cabo Verdean escudo (ECV) is the local currency. One Euro is equal to ECV 110.265 (fixed): you can use Euros in some hotels and restaurants (usually at a depreciated rate). You can't use the Escudos in other countries.


Cabo Verde is part of CEDEAO/ECOWAS, meaning the following nationalities do not need a visa: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo.

For everyone else, the visa process can be done before departure or upon arrival (25 Euros).


No specific vaccine is needed, except for travellers arriving from a country with risk of yellow fever.

Drink only bottled water that is sealed, don't drink tap or well water.


Phone: International Country Code: +238
Local SIM card cost: 200 ecv + charge cards

Internet: Public squares on the Plateau have free wireless access.

 The location and venues are what make AME one of the best in the world. The greatest experience so far, great people, great music, great hosting and great food. 

Paulo Chibanga (Mozambique), Azgo Festival and Khuzula

 The tiny island paradise where people breathe music! 



The Trade Fair takes place in Square Albuquerque, in front of the Palacio da Cultura where the conferences & workshops are held.

The showcase festival will take place on Rua Pedonal (5 de Julho) and the daycases at Palacio da Cultura.

Click on the map to enlarge it.

1: Palácio da Cultura Ildo Lobo
2: Square Albuquerque
3: Rua Pedonal
4: Kriol Jazz Festival
$: Cash Machine (Visa)

/ Tour Operators /


Rua Sousa Lopes, Lt MNO Loja 6
Phone: 217995330


Terre Autentik
14 rue Saint Joseph
75002 Paris
Phone: 01 53 20 08 83


Autremer Voyage
Phone: 04 91 33 77 75


Neves Travel
1545 Acushnet Avenue
New Bedford, MA 02746
Brockton Phone: (508) 580-3454
Boston Phone: (617) 436-6667

/ Accommodation /

Oasis Atlântico - Praia Mar

Single: 15300ecv
Double: 19150ecv

Tel. +238 260 8440

Hotel VIP Praia

Single standard: 12.298ecv
Single w/sea view: 13.319ecv
Double standard: 14.300ecv
Double w/sea view: 15.488ecv

Quebra Canela - Avenida Jorge Barbosa
Tel: +238 260 3280
Email :


Single: 6.804ecv
Single w/sea view: 10.022ecv
Double: 10.440ecv
Double w/sea view: 13.590ecv

Chã de Areia
Tel: +238 260 14 40/42

Sol Hotel

Double: 7995ecv

Meio de Achada Santo Antonio
Tel: +238 262 21 88

Hotel Vista

Single 5635ecv
Double 7245ecv

Achada Santo Antonio
Tel: +238 260 2570

Rotterdam Hotel

Single 4950ecv
Double 7000ecv

Achada Santo Antonio
Tel: +238 260 2900

Residencial Santa Maria

Single 4700ecv
Double 5900ecv

Plato - Rua Pedonal
Tel: +238 261 43 37

Residencial Paraiso

Single 3500ecv
Double 4500ecv

Tel: +238 261 3539